Friends Manager CRM, a tool to track what's happening with your friends

Today I created a new home for Friends Manager CRM:

There is also a Facebook page for Friend Manager CRM, please click it, like it and share it if you like this tool. More people use and like my tool and more I'm motivated to improve it.

Friends Manager CRM (FFMCRM) is a tool that allows you to browse your Facebook friend lists like in Google+, you can drag and drop them and additionally to that, you can also add notes to your friends. All of this is powered by a nice animation engine and a search that allows you to filter your friends based on first, last name and note contents. So e.g. if you added "sport" to some of your friends, and one day you want to find your "sport" friends, without adding them to a specific list called sport, you just search and find them because you added that word in the note.

A mobile friendly version powered by jquery mobile is also available since April, 21st 2013 (with less features, but they will come). Give it a try.

Why ffmcrm? Because fmcrm was already occupied by a cybersquatter and because it's for Facebook, thus Facebook FriendsManager CRM.